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Guesssss what? I’m booked out till September! But FRET NOT! You can still take advantage of fun offerings like this one! 10 slots available -tarot or oracle card(s) and a channeled video message delivered to your inbox on Monday, April 30th. 1 card is $10, 2 cards $15 and an special bonus for the Scorpio full moon - gift yourself, AND your sweetheart, best bud, neighbor, classmate, family, person your crushin on, someone you aren’t getting along to well with, teacher, favorite barista, bartender, you get the idea. Give them a gift that keeps on giving! EMAIL ONLY to reserve your spot. You will receive a confirmation message shortly after. NO DM’s! My sessions are a lot different then these recorded readings if you are interested in working more in depth with me please check out my website for information around booking an appointment. If September is to far out for you - shoot me an email with your interest in being on my cx list. Scorpio’s big life lessons is in the releasing, the purging of things that no longer serve us. As always whilst working with Scorpio the tug to join them deep beneath the mercurial waters where your shadow is waiting for that hang out you keep pushing back. What is to heavy, a bourdon? What are you holding onto in that Taurus fashion? With the flip side of the bull holding on - Taurus is coming to each and everyone of our aid and offering a deeply grounded and energetic safe space within ourselves to do this work. so my loves this may feel hard or it’s going to feel harder. It’s always an invitation. And as always, I love you. Really. Blessings xxxBBMAGDA

P.S. this awesome image was created by Camile Chew