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You're Not Crazy. You're Psychic! Workshop

  • RoseGold @ GlassBox Gallery 831 Seattle Blvd S Seattle, WA 98134 USA (map)

Join us for a workshop about trusting your intuition taught by BB MAGDA on Sunday, October 30th from 7-9pm. 

Are you curious about intuition?  Do you ever wonder if your intuition is stronger than what you've suspected?  What are the steps that can enable you to tap into your internal instinctual voices and deepen your psychic abilities?  Whether you know or are simply curious - come learn ways to explore, enhance and tap into your psychic connection.

Sharpen your awareness of your divine intuitive guidance system in this enlightening class.  It's designed for all levels of psychic awareness. Workshop includes a booklet to aid in at-home practice.