As Mercury Goes Direct...

May 3

Mercury's going direct! 🎉 Keep in mind that like all celestial beings Mercury has a shadow side. And yes this powerful planet is going direct! But for the most part of the day, it will be fundamentally motionless. So don't let your guard down concerning signings and agreements, etc. In other Astro news the Universe got your cosmic email asking for assistance and support and if you haven't checked your inbox already a response with the subject title "YOU ARE EVERYTHING" (btw that's a Diana Ross song check it out) and she's responded in all her BIG INCREDIBLE GLORY! Uni's called on Jupiter and Saturn to form a fairly rare and acute link. The sun in Taurus boosting our imagination, tying into a visionary Neptune in Pisces. AND if that's not already 🔮💗 A mind-and-heart coordinating grand triangle in fire signs enters the scene -- thanks to the Moon in Leo making a harmonious trine to Mercury and Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius. Everything's got a ROSEY GLOW. So my sweet beings if things are hard now there is some support knocking on your door, also know there is support right here! YOUR HEALING IS IMPORTANT! As always feel free to dm or reach out if you have questions or if you would like to make an appointment (I have a beautiful office space in the Wallingford area if you want an in-person session.) HAPPY BELTANE! I love you so much and many blessings! -BBMAGDA