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Morgan Harper Nicholes

Morgan Harper Nicholes

Sup Sup beautiful beings! Welcome back! As you may know, the next 14 posts I’ll be sharing some helpful and useful information around cultivating and deepening an authentic relationship with your self-compassion.

So what is self-compassion? Well, it’s just what it sounds like. It means being compassionate towards yourself. Now before you roll your eyes and scroll on allow me to go on, that’s just the simplest answer. It means honoring yourself and appreciating when life is going alright, as well as being gentle, kind and forgiving to yourself when life is hard. So much of our discomfort comes from constantly criticizing ourselves and other people. Perhaps we’ve felt depressed and anxious all our lives, maybe you can pinpoint to some specific terrible thing that happened to us. Or maybe we might believe that life should be different than it is, or that we won't be lovable until we get rid of whatever we think is wrong with us. While this may be true, it’s possible to feel loved, accepted, and appreciated for being exactly who we are. We can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are fundamentally OK - and even more! Innately we have a wise voice that knows we are fascinating and unique human beings. We can learn to hear that voice, more importantly, believe it. When life is going well self-compassion gives us permission to relish it without feeling guilty. We know that we deserve good things in life - not because we are better than other people, but because we are human beings. Compassion isn't something we have to earn. It comes from the recognition that everyone is born with basic human worth.

Perhaps, you need more education around what “basic human worth” means if so check out my first post ‘Self Compassion is a Skill’ for more information and resources around anti-racism, dismantling white supremacy, and intersectional bias.

Self-compassion is exceptionally important when handling any challenges in our life. When we really struggling - feeling afraid, depressed, angry, or lonely - what we need most are understanding and love. The trouble is that we can’t always rely on other people to be there when we need them. Even if we have a fantastic support system, many of us find it difficult to open ourselves up to love from others.

Yet, if we can establish a source of deep understanding and compassion within ourselves, it is always there when we need it. It solidifies the foundation for greater strength, resilience, and peace of mind. And fortunately, this is possible for anyone who is willing to practice.

Homework (if you feel); journal or chat with a friend 1. When life is going well… 2. When life feels hard… write out 3 examples of what your self-critical attitude sounds like when thinking about 1. (ex. People are going to discover I’m a phony.) Now do this again but this time with a self-compassionate attitude (ex. If people really understood me, they’d like me.) Now go on to 2. Again writing 3 examples one with self-critical ‘tude (ex. If I wasn’t so stupid, I wouldn’t have to deal with this.) and now with a self-compassionate ‘tude (ex. Every human being experiences suffering, no matter how many virtues they have.)

Check back for next post ‘Self-Compassion. Self-Esteem. There’s a Difference.’

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Today’s new moon in Taurus is our wake up call to get grounded. Get as centered as you can. Use this “extra” time given to us as the days start to feel longer to develop deeper connections to our foundation. Taurus the bull is the sign most in tune with the physical body and Venus it’s planetary ruler to our senses. We are invited to connect further with the healing powers within ourselves. We are asked and encouraged to evaluate differently our sense of security in all aspects of our lives (money, well being, energetic boundaries, agency, etc.) Our senses maybe greatly heightened and triggered more at the time of this new moon and for the next day or so. Le Luna offers her wisdom and magic to our paths, and Uranus makes its electric shift from Aries and into Taurus. Simone Butler said it best “Whether you’re consciously welcoming a breakthrough or unconsciously courting a breakdown, Uranus will oblige. Remember that we desperately need the shake-up which Uranus brings, as our world is greatly out of balance. Even disasters bring important messages as they clear the way to start again.” This is our wake up call to heal the Earth, heal ourselves and reawaken the sacred feminine (Taurus). WHAT CAN YOU FEEL? There’s so much we are missing. SO MUCH we are being awakened to. Open yourself up to your body. To see for yourself that it CAN experience a lot more of the invisible things that we can’t see. As well as what we do. Connected deeper to that grounded foundation of yours. One of inner peace no matter what else is going on. That doesn’t mean it all feels fine and you’re just as happy as can be. Growth isn’t always (if at all) comfortable. And its layered!  And it’s fucking complicated. And that’s OKAY! We’re all being invited to wake up here. And all the shit might be coming up!!!!! Personal to political, ethical, emotional. Can you connect to that inner peace? We are highly sensitive beings (some of us way more than others) Can you feel into the protective and powerful sacred feminine of Taurus. FEEEEELLLLL what you will. A song that I feel best represents this new moon in all it’s Taurus flavor. “Die 4 You” by Perfume Genius, this music video was made for the senses. To the sensitivities in all of us. Blessings xxx BBMAGDA

New Moon in Gemini

May 25th, 2017

Happy New Moon in Gemini! Here's some Astro Insight if you're up for a read! This NEW MOON in Gemini (one of my fav signs! Honestly, they're all my fav!) is driven by its curious mind! They don't waste their time mulling over judgments about themselves or of others. Gemini saw a white rabbit with a pocket watch and it's going to see what the heck that's all about!!! Yes, the mind and the ego are going to shoot off a brigade of why's, what's, I need to understand, but what abouts, and whatever else. But WHAT IF we could LEAN INTO the whirlwind without the fear of one or more particular thoughts swooping us up and away like the tornado to OZ?This OZ is all the illusions and fears we keep telling ourselves to keep us right where we are. Our potential and purpose just an arms reach away. Is the thought of putting ourselves out there and battling the tornado (our mind) to scary to challenge? Notice all the SWORD cards being pulled in readings lately?!! The NEW MOON IN GEMINI hopes to direct your attention to the OPEN MINDEDNESS Gemini can bring, you can bring. It takes courage. And fortunate for us her majesty La Luna is full of courage. That she gifts up and out constantly. Courage to let the thoughts run through without needing to judge or analyze. Remember knowledge is second-hand information, while wisdom is a direct experience. Truth is not cheap. You cannot lease truth. You cannot inherit truth from another. It is not a hand-me-down. Truth can only be discovered within one’s Self, and such a discovery comes at a great cost. We pay for our true Life with our all of our false assumptions about ourselves and the world we live, and that can hurt. GEMINI is illuminating your expansive open mind!!! YOU GOT THIS! I love you. And as always BLESSINGS!