New Moon in Gemini

May 25th, 2017

Happy New Moon in Gemini! Here's some Astro Insight if you're up for a read! This NEW MOON in Gemini (one of my fav signs! Honestly, they're all my fav!) is driven by its curious mind! They don't waste their time mulling over judgments about themselves or of others. Gemini saw a white rabbit with a pocket watch and it's going to see what the heck that's all about!!! Yes, the mind and the ego are going to shoot off a brigade of why's, what's, I need to understand, but what abouts, and whatever else. But WHAT IF we could LEAN INTO the whirlwind without the fear of one or more particular thoughts swooping us up and away like the tornado to OZ?This OZ is all the illusions and fears we keep telling ourselves to keep us right where we are. Our potential and purpose just an arms reach away. Is the thought of putting ourselves out there and battling the tornado (our mind) to scary to challenge? Notice all the SWORD cards being pulled in readings lately?!! The NEW MOON IN GEMINI hopes to direct your attention to the OPEN MINDEDNESS Gemini can bring, you can bring. It takes courage. And fortunate for us her majesty La Luna is full of courage. That she gifts up and out constantly. Courage to let the thoughts run through without needing to judge or analyze. Remember knowledge is second-hand information, while wisdom is a direct experience. Truth is not cheap. You cannot lease truth. You cannot inherit truth from another. It is not a hand-me-down. Truth can only be discovered within one’s Self, and such a discovery comes at a great cost. We pay for our true Life with our all of our false assumptions about ourselves and the world we live, and that can hurt. GEMINI is illuminating your expansive open mind!!! YOU GOT THIS! I love you. And as always BLESSINGS! 


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LAST FULL MOON/ SUPER MOON (in GEMINI) OF THE YEAR - DO YOU HAVE TIME TO READ THIS? "Love or fear. Disappointment or fulfillment. Shadow or light. The human ego tends to resist one experience and want the other, but we don’t get to choose- we are given all of it. With Gemini, we can move betwixt and between, allowing everything to exist all at once. I’ve never met a Gemini who can’t swiftly glide, practically carefree, over topics, people and ideas that tie others in knots. This has often annoyed my Saturn in Gemini, forever seeking substance, clear logic, facts. But this has fascinated me, too. Gemini gives equal weight to every possibility. Gemini can regard a disappointment… as an interesting new development. Maddening? Yes. Especially when you’re attached to a point of view." SWEET CREATURES, Aleppo needs our attention and our help. Women and children being shot and killed in their homes and on the streets as they try and run for safety. Dead bodies filling the streets that could not be retrieved by residents because of the intensity of the fighting, 37,000 forced to flee and 14,700 taking refuge, please visit my friend@sweetbeeatx link (click her name, link in bio) read what @naziejoon said that@real_person_with_feelings posted. "Saturn is the planet of fear and separation; Saturn figures strongly at this Full Moon. Saturn in Sagittarius is square Chiron in Pisces- symbolic of old emotional patterns of fear/control, separation from source, light and love, that we’re ready to release. If we want to heal the divisions in our Spirit, the wounds to our optimism and faith, we can work with our fears-not by trying to control (Saturn) what we’re afraid of, but by becoming willing to meet it." The last thing I would like to share is a quote from a very powerful Shambhala aspiration chant that feels all to fitting for these times, I'd even go as far to say - all the time. "we put our heads in clouds of daydreams and speculation, always wanting there to be another now." THERE IS NO OTHER NOW! Please surrender to this and integrate the power that NOW possess! I love you all many blessings! XxX -BBMAGDA (Astro talk by the beautiful goddess Jessica Shepard

Photo Earth Sky

Photo Earth Sky