MERCURY'S IN RETROGRADE! Starting today in Capricorn and will station direct in Sagittarius on January 8th. WINTER SOLSTICE is happening Wed, Dec. 20. NO COINCIDENCE Mercury is moving backwards into it's shadows just before the new year begins and divinely timed with the powerful energy the dark night of the soul (winter solstice.) Encouraging us to go deep within reflect, restore and nourish ourselves. Mercury in retrograde happens on two levels. On one level there's not a lot you can do with the actions of others except, to be more CONSCIOUS and PREPARE! Basically what I'm saying is DOUBLE CHECK that shit! The second is experienced on a more personal level, if you have ever attended my workshops, read any past posts, have had a reading, or just talked to me on the street - perhaps me talking about YOUR AWARENESS may come as no surprise! A lot of us feel the zingers and stingers of M.R. when we are not centered, aware or conscious of what is around us #staywoke - unfortunately the consequence of this is we often con ourselves into NOT ACTING from our heart and spirit. Instead of a mindful deliberate action we often are REACTING from hurt, our needs, sensitivity, and how we are talking care of others instead of ourselves...this is our shadow and what M.R. Is all about! With the solstice we have ample room and time (longest night of the year and time isn't linear so..... ) as well as support to go in and be with your shadow aspects!  Give them a platform to speak up with what they need from you so that working with one another (this really means working and understanding yourself) can be more harmonious then tumultuous. As always with M.R. Communication,scheduling, transportation, judgement becomes foggy and error prone. Coming back to the two levels of this retrograde keep in mind that as much as outer work is challenged by Mercury Retrograde, introspection and inner work is VERY SUPPORTED.Take advantage of M.R. by clearing your own tendencies to get caught up in your own shadows and those of others. The retrograde cycle is there to reveal what is not working properly, and although it can contribute to delays and frustrations, it can also reveal issues that are important to resolve, fix or address! As always, many blessings to you! Xx BBMAGDA


Some of us feel damaged and untrusting of the words "I love you." Even when saying them to ourselves. Our shadow self may think back to the times where someone has used the words "I love you" and left you.  Or "I love you" and then hurt you. This then becomes a tainted idea and unfortunately default go to feeling of thought of what love feels like and is to our own personal experiences. So when you are in a place of wanting/needing and desiring heart healing you instinctively say to yourself the words that you hope will free you up. But the walls are up high and in place to keep all out, even YOU. Your shadow self thinks of the feelings towards the times where those words were used and the inherent action of love didn't follow through. Where over and over again there was misuse of "I love you" and yes, sometimes unfortunate abuse of the word and actions that followed. This can became a learned response and belief of our feeling of what it is to love and be loved. So when you finally say these important words to your own person - your shadow will then want you to prove your love and your word over and over. This proving love to yourself doesn't have a cap. Your shadow will always want more proof. DO NOT FEAR BEAUTIFUL CREATURES! THERE IS A WAY THROUGH THIS! Instead of constantly providing proof upon more proof - ASK!  Give yourself some space from your phone, your computer, tv, your clique, your crew, the gossip blogs and news feeds, the booze you think will loosen you up, the mind eraser drug that you believe will numb the chaotic mixed bag that spirals around the insides of your space suit. This maybe the most difficult thing to do because we rely on distractions as a form of coping. However, space from our electronic collars and synthetic medicine blankets can provide the most helpful environment towards resolution and the instructions are simple and they go like this; get yourself to a place you feel chill and comfortable taking space in. ALONE. Sit in stillness, exhale all the breath from your mouth. Then take a full deep breath in from your nose filling your belly with air, and exhaling all your breath out your mouth.  Do this a totally of three times. Then just sit, give yourself a moment and if you desire place whatever hand you want or both hands to your heart center and ask your heart "What can I do for you?" Move your hand or hands to your head and ask your mind "What can I do for you?" Do this for as little as 30 SECONDS! If you can be here longer, I encourage you to. Continue your breathing and sit for as long as you are able.  What can you expect from this? Well to be completely honest, the first time you try this most of us will hear and feel NOTHING. Um, yeah! I said it... absolutely nothing. "WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS THEN BBMAGDA?" You might be shouting. Well loves, when you create and allow yourself and your shadow the space and platform to offer up what it is that they need, we create a safe and trusting connection where all facets can better understand you, and you them. So that you can love yourself without the tainted past beliefs and mistrust. And your shadow is less likely to resist the love you are giving INTO yourself. A significant internal connection can form, be nurtured and fed. Ultimately to better serve you, and all that you need to fully believe and integrate SELF LOVE that is accepted by your shadow, your genius mind, and your beautiful heart. So don't be disappointed and don't give up if your head and heart don't immediately start chatting away. In this incredibly stimulating busy day and age where we can distract ourselves silly and to the point of a complete jelly brain body. It is an important and healthy brain body practice to disconnect from our screens. Our social media, and text ready instant world and BREATHE. Be still and the solutions best for you will come. Like a stream in the backyard of our mind imagine your heart and mind talk to come floating down with current to you. The more you practice this - I promise the easier it will become to hear what it is that you need. 





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