Self-Esteem is NOT...

Pretty much every kind of mental health problem can be associated with low self-esteem, depression, lack of motivation and for most of us we know low self-esteem is ‘bad.’ But did you know that high self-esteem can be a problem as well?

Self-esteem means judging or evaluating yourself positively. It attributes to our self-worth, perceived value, or how much we like ourselves. You believe you are a good person, and you identify with your strengths. However, research has shown that for most of us, believing we are good is so closely related to believing we are better than other people. In modern western culture is not ok to be average, we have to feel above average in order to feel good about ourselves. We adhere towards a stand-out mentality, with hyperfocus on how much we are special and different than everyone else.

This is the main problem with being overly focused on self-esteem. If I need to believe that I am better than other people in order to have high self-esteem, it can make me more likely to criticize others, and more fearful of people seeing my weaknesses. I can become too competitive and fragile when receiving negative feedback. We tend to get angry and aggressive towards anyone who has said or done anything that potentially makes us feel bad about ourselves. Narcissistic and self-absorbed behavior is on a high rise as the new normal. And still even with so much high self-esteem, we may feel it is often dependant on our latest success or failure, meaning self-esteem fluctuates depending on our ever-changing circumstances.

Celebrated 34 years on Earth on the Ides of March.

Celebrated 34 years on Earth on the Ides of March.

On the other hand, when you have self-compassion you don’t care if you are better, worse, or the same s anyone else. Self-compassion means relating to yourself with a kind and forgiving attitude no matter what is happening. Self-compassion isn’t dependent on external circumstances, it’s always available.

When we relate to ourselves with self-compassion, there's no need to put other people down. We aren’t afraid of the occasional failures, or even falling flat on our face because we can see them as valuable learning instead of threats to our self-worth. Researchers have found that self-compassion actually improves our motivation to succeed because we aren't so worried about making mistakes. We don’t need to be perfect, special, different, or stand-out in order to be lovable.




As Mercury Goes Direct...

May 3

Mercury's going direct! 🎉 Keep in mind that like all celestial beings Mercury has a shadow side. And yes this powerful planet is going direct! But for the most part of the day, it will be fundamentally motionless. So don't let your guard down concerning signings and agreements, etc. In other Astro news the Universe got your cosmic email asking for assistance and support and if you haven't checked your inbox already a response with the subject title "YOU ARE EVERYTHING" (btw that's a Diana Ross song check it out) and she's responded in all her BIG INCREDIBLE GLORY! Uni's called on Jupiter and Saturn to form a fairly rare and acute link. The sun in Taurus boosting our imagination, tying into a visionary Neptune in Pisces. AND if that's not already 🔮💗 A mind-and-heart coordinating grand triangle in fire signs enters the scene -- thanks to the Moon in Leo making a harmonious trine to Mercury and Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius. Everything's got a ROSEY GLOW. So my sweet beings if things are hard now there is some support knocking on your door, also know there is support right here! YOUR HEALING IS IMPORTANT! As always feel free to dm or reach out if you have questions or if you would like to make an appointment (I have a beautiful office space in the Wallingford area if you want an in-person session.) HAPPY BELTANE! I love you so much and many blessings! -BBMAGDA

TURBULANT & TUBULAR - New Moon, Solar Eclipse in PISCES

A very happy new Moon and solar eclipse and 8° of Pisces beautiful beings. This is a pretty special and spectacular solar eclipse which is referred to as an annular eclipse, this means the sun will appear as a fiery ring around the moon at the time of the eclipse which is pretty auspicious for this year 2017 which astrologically will be a very fiery year - thinking of that mars in Aries influence here. This eclipse is particularly powerful because it's in Pisces who is extremely connected to the divine. Taking place at the South node which suggests things NEED to be let go. Where is 8° of Pisces in your chart, what house?  This will give you an idea of where this "letting go" is particularly taking place. SOLAR ECLIPSES alter the electromagnetic field of Earth, and act as a portal, connecting us with a divine source energy. Ancient people recognized this and held a ceremony for when this happened to receive information at a higher level of consciousness. Many of you have shared with me psychic experiences that have been happening to you over the last 3 - 3 &1/2 days leading up to today, Feb. 26th. WOWIE WOWZA! These last 3 days are so have been quite a super psychic time! It's actually referred to as the balsamic phase of the moon where psychic intuition and ability is very very strong and prominent. So maybe pay closer attention to your dreams and intuition which Pisces is really connected to. We've got A LOT of stars and planets in Pisces right now amplifying & magnifying the kind of connection related specifically to magic, and the divine, we have a fixed royal star - the formal heart - which symbolizes the spiritual teacher, again emphasized by being in Pisces! Seriously serious super psychic time!! We are receiving a very personal, and gracious invitation to really connect with some divine higher powers and instruction to see where we can release and let go of highly energetic thoughts, patterns, ways of being, beliefs, and so on that are no longer serving us.

 We've got the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron,  South Node, and the fixed Royal Star (formal heart) all in Pisces. This sign is most associated with our psychic abilities, with divinity, highly creative, the most egoless sign of the zodiac! The feeling of giving up ego and surrendering to a divine intelligence, surrendering, forgiving of the self and others. Pisces are able to really integrate this into their system and operate from a place of trusting this more than any other sign. Neptune which rules Pisces is all about altered states of being. Neptune is all about the 5D where there is a lack of time and space and knows no boundaries. Intuition is heightened creatively and spiritually.

There is a strong polarity in Aries which is another sign A LOT of planets are in. Venus, Mars, Uranus, Eris. Aries with all that fire. Pisces and Aries are the most unalike signs Pisces has a going with the flow, divine quality, and Aries with that wanna be the best, high achiever, primal fire, "I set goals." The two of these signs and all the planets stars with their energetic influences red flag us to TAKE A BREATH, TAKE A STEP BACK. Do not engage in energizing the negative (meeting anger with anger. fear with fear.) Be a spiritual warrior of love and peace. 

The only planet right now with any earth is Pluto - farrrr away Pluto in Capricorn. So be sure to get your hands in the dirt, or take your shoes off and feel the grass under your feet. Depending on where you live it may still be very cold but getting your fingers, toes, hands on some soil will be extremely beneficial to your health both mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I hope all of you enjoy your days.