10 of swords is all about a fulfilled cycle, understanding the way the mind works and what is required to battle our "inner demons." Justice - universal law! We are only in control of our own minds! Every cause has an effect and any "wobble" must eventually be completed. Our individual lives are a vehicle for the karma( justice) of the universe to be worked out.  The hierophant - it's the highest worldly power position in the tarot. For this reading  I feel it best represents the patriarchy and all of us who fall beneath its power and control. 

How do you feel this reading applies to you?

I'll explain how I interpret them in order of 10 of swords, Justice, The Hierophant for myself and what I see with the collective. Starting with applying what I know to be true about feeling/thinking and how I respond. Understanding that so many of us have suffered at great costs from misogynistic behaviors, actions, and abuse. Sadly and so fucking unfortunately sometimes by one person and even shittier by "communities" and the "cliques & crews" that fill in those spaces. The false masculine dominated programming that we have unconsciously agreed to follow and believe. Femmephobia! Is one example. Gas-lighting another...

So many people exist in this state and operate from. Author don Miguel Ruiz refers to it as " living in the fog." 

This reading really highlighted some aspects that perhaps some of you have experienced - Placing blame and calling a femme "crazy" is all to easy rather then self reflection! So we hate, and we lash out, we send group texts about the "crazy" ladies, we talk shit, we ostracize. Let's not adhere to what one person is negatively saying about another.  You're loyalty to your friends are not in question. In other words if you feel like jumping on the band wagon to femme shame or shame anyone gossip, or falsely add details about a person especially if you weren't directly involved not only is black magic but it perpetuates misogynistic mentality that really must stop! Lastly this; we have the ability to continue our own journey towards the experience of "goddess" - which is your own true self. Your birth right. Living out of the fog. 

 (And yes everyone some of this comes from personal experience. Keep in mind that I am not alone on this subject. As I've said before - I have space for you here. I am your community, I am here to listen. I am here to hold your hand and hug you if you need - safely.)

xxx with so much love and blessings, BBMAGDA

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