PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT✌🏽️ :Warm greetings to everyone! It's not unusual for me to be asked what my ethnicity is on a pretty regularly basis. I wanted to share some words if you have a moment to read and are interested. These interactions usually go something like; INQUIRER: "Hi! Do you mind if I ask where you're from?" ME: "No, not at all, Los Angeles." INQUIRER: "No, no! I meant like, WHAT ARE YOU? Like, what's your ethnicity? My friends and I are wondering because your face looks maybe Italian? Are you Italian?" ME: *inner dialogue* DEEP BREATH IN &&& OUT....***makes direct eye contact stays silent for enough time to pass till the silence may feel uncomfortable. *** Just a couple things here -- What are you? WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU MEAN? I mean I know what you mean but seriously....seriously!! Also straight up asking someone their ethnicity isn't always appreciated, welcomed, or invited. Please understand that by asking where are you from does NOT give an individual(s) a pass or set a person up to then ask what someone is, or what their ethnicity is! And then what's even more uncomfortable is when my facial features, or body, even guessing where I am from (after I already said Los Angeles, CA, USA) gets brought into it like I'm on display for the mindless ethnic game being played that I never asked to be a part of. I will not choose to feel like I have to explain why I look the way I do. It's totally cool to be curious about someone's ethnicity! Just be mindful PLEASE of how and why you are asking. Remember intent & impact. And because I'm saying all of this - for those of you who would like to know I was born in So.Cal and am Mexican, Russian & Ukrainian.