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Gratefully based on Duwamish territory & land of Seattle, Wa.

Specializing in trance mediumship and channeling. Additionally, she is a highly attuned empathic spiritual healer, Intuitive counselor, life coach, Reiki Master, herbalist, animal communicator and teacher. She is professionally certified in Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Northern Herbalism. She studies and practices meditation in the Seattle Shambhala Buddhist sangha. 

She has a radically authentic, genuine desire and compassion towards her practice. And has been seeing clients professionally since 1995. Her spiritual awakening began at a very early age. Exhibiting exceptional clairaudient capabilities and openly communicating with multi-dimensional beings, and energies. It was when she was 8 years old that she had life transforming out of body experience that then opened Magda and her family up to the spiritual and metaphysical path she walks along today. She has studied under powerful teachers and mentors, some from this dimension and some not (many of her teachers are from the multi-dimensional field. These include Ascended Masters, Archangels, spiritual entities, angels, E.T.'S,  and Source itself). Her primary mentor in this time-space reality is called Pen Onaraha. Pen is also a buddhist, teacher of tarot, personal coach and Bruja.  And Terilyn Wyre powerful Earth goddess and yoga teacher. BBMAGDA has also studied tarot in-depth under SevenStar. Reiki under Phi Nguyen. Her buddhist teachers include; the late and honorable Chogyam Trungpa, his student Pema Chodron, the head of the Shambhala lineage Trungpa's son Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and Acharyas & Shastri’s at the Seattle Shambhala Meditation Center.

BBMAGDA has taught and facilitated events in the Seattle area, New York, and Palm Springs, California. These include moon phases and planet workshops, new and full moon gatherings, guided meditation, Reiki, shadow workshops, talks on her experience of being psychic, as well as workshops on awakening and enhancing your own psychic experience (e.g. You're not Crazy; You're Psychic) 

Additionally she loves the power and magic of aromatherapy and has created scents with intention. They are ready to wear custom oil blends, sprays, and candles. For healing, enhancing, connecting and, of course, smelling amazing.

Magda is Mexican, Russian, Ukrainian. Greatly appreciative of her cultures reverence in it’s own magical and spiritual practices.

MISSION: To provide healing assistance, education, activation, witness, and community to all who desire to engage in the art and practice of the personal and collective metaphysical, magical, and self empowering path. 

Magda entered my life at a time I was broken, lost, and swimming in my fragility. Working with her brought me into a grounded invitation to embrace my vulnerability and really show up with love as action for myself and my relationships. To inquire, sit with and see more perspectives from different views of the room. And throughout our 5 sessions, we had together I landed further and further into my truth and authenticity. There were no ‘spiritual cookies’ fed to me. I had to dig, cut through layers and layers of my trauma and conditioning. I purged and surged what felt like lifetimes of karma. I had to do my own work. And the level of trust and respect I have for Magda allowed me to turn into these places with honesty and curiosity. To ‘feast with my shadows’ as Magda puts it. I am humbly stumbling through more of my awareness of how much I don’t know every day thanks to our work together. And paradoxically how working with Magda built a deep trust in my knowing. I recommend working with Magda if you are a serious seeker who is ready to do your work with the real deal, no bullshit, magic.
— Em Boardway