Magda entered my life at a time I was broken, lost, and swimming in my fragility. Working with her brought me into a grounded invitation to embrace my vulnerability and really show up with love as action for myself and my relationships. To inquire, sit with and see more perspectives from different views of the room. And throughout our 5 sessions we had together I landed further and further into my truth and authenticity. There were no ‘spiritual cookies’ fed to me. I had to dig, cut through layers and layers of my trauma and conditioning. I purged and surged what felt like lifetimes of karma. I had to do my own work. And the level of trust and respect I have for Magda allowed me to turn into these places with honesty and curiosity. To ‘feast with my shadows’ as Magda puts it. I am humbly stumbling through more of my awareness of how much I don’t know every day thanks to our work together. And paradoxically how working with Magda built a deep trust in my knowing. I recommend working with Magda if you are a serious seeker who is ready to do your work with the real deal, no bullshit, magic.
— Em Boardway

bbmagda psychic medium...

Gratefully based on Duwamish territory & land of Seattle, Wa.

Specializing in trance mediumship and channeling. Additionally, she is a highly attuned empathic spiritual healer, Intuitive counselor, life coach, Reiki Master, herbalist, and teacher. She is professionally certified in Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Northern Herbalism. She studies and practices meditation in the Seattle Shambhala Buddhist sangha. 

She has a radically authentic, genuine desire and compassion towards her practice. And has been seeing clients professionally since 1995. Her spiritual awakening began at a very early age. Exhibiting exceptional clairaudient capabilities and openly communicating with multi-dimensional beings, and energies. It was when she was 8 years old that she had life transforming out of body experience that then opened Magda and her family up to the spiritual and metaphysical path she walks along today. She has studied under powerful teachers and mentors, some from this dimension and some not (many of her teachers are from the multi-dimensional field. These include Ascended Masters, Archangels, spiritual entities, angels, E.T.'S,  and Source itself). Her primary mentor in this time-space reality is called Pen Onaraha. Pen is also a buddhist, teacher of tarot, personal coach and Bruja.  And Terilyn Wyre powerful Earth goddess and yoga teacher. BBMAGDA has also studied tarot in-depth under SevenStar. Reiki under Phi Nguyen. Her buddhist teachers include; the late and honorable Chogyam Trungpa, his student Pema Chodron, and the head of the Shambhala lineage Trungpa's son Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. 

BBMAGDA has taught and facilitated several events in the Seattle area. These include moon phases and planet workshops, new and full moon gatherings, guided meditation, Reiki, shadow workshops, talks on her experience of being psychic, as well as workshops on awakening and enhancing your own psychic experience (e.g. You're not Crazy; You're Psychic) 

 Additionally she loves the power and magic of aromatherapy and has created scents with intention. They are ready to wear custom oil blends, sprays, and candles. For healing, enhancing, connecting and, of course, smelling amazing.

MISSION: To provide healing assistance, education, activation, witness, and community to all who desire to engage in the art and practice of the personal and collective metaphysical, magical, and self empowering path. 


My experience with Magda has been one of clarity, truth, inspiration and love. Her cottage, where she offers her sessions, is sacred and gorgeous. She is a magnificent healer and her offerings have been a vital part of my continued growth. While in session with Magda, the Guides offer their message, Madga listens deeply and her interpretation is delivered with genuine precision and flare….It’s as though she places the most beautiful and fragrant blooming old fashioned rose in a sweet vase for you to take in it’s depth through all your senses. The teachings/messages are rich, clear and I leave feeling inspired and motivated to take the important next steps of my journey.
— Dana Smith
I have received the privilege of working beside Magda. Her gentleness and attentiveness are intentional through her energy work. You can honestly see the facial expressions and physical reactions that are made when she is working. It is truly inspiring to be connected with such a soul like hers.
— Naa Akua
My oracle reading with Jasmine was a revelation! Empowering and inspiring, Jasmine supported me to moved into into even greater clarity and divine guidance. In short, Jasmine is the real deal, and an incredible resource. She is a gifted medium and psychic, with a passion for guiding others toward their greatest self. She is compassionate and gentle, but also a bad-ass witch! Allow her to keep you moving forward on your life path. You’ll be glad you did.
— Dina L.
Conferencing with Magda, even from afar, felt like sitting in a living room with an old friend (make that many “old friends,” if my many lifetimes of spirit guides are included in that term).
— Annie McCain Engman
Last summer I came to Magda during a time of pain and stagnation. She helped me connect with my spirit guides, showing me that I’m not as alone in this journey as I thought. Her unique insightfulness tapped into the core of my being and stripped away the veneer I had been walking around with. When I left the appointment, I knew in my gut that everything was about to change and guess what? I was right! Jasmine is a magical being that everyone needs to visit.
— Nicole Simone Author
I had a delightful reading sesh with Jasmine. Although we had limited time she was VERY thorough. We were able to go and connect on a very deep level. We got to talk about what I was going though in my internal world. It was natural and personalized and she helped me get perspective on the issues I had been trying to work out. It was one of my best and quality readings I have ever had! I also appreciate Jasmine’s overall vibe and her attitude towards life and it inspires me to be tuned in, tapped in, turned on!
— Yuki L.
Jasmine has an amazing depth and kindness that makes for a very expansive experience. She channels soul lifting information and brought me to tears many times during our session. She helped me through a rough time and brought so much healing. She said many things that I really needed to hear and some still serve as reference points for me as I navigate challenges. Her connection to the spirit realm is inspiring and I felt totally humbled as I received messages from my guides. Sometimes we need a little help and sometimes our guides need help getting through to us. Jasmine is a bridge between the realms and brings so much love and light. I am so grateful for our time together and look forward to more sessions.
— Rosie Melero
Since the first moment I met BBMAGDA I knew she was magic. Throughout the years of knowing her, she has changed my life. Whether it be through tarot readings, astrological wisdom, psychic healing, intuitive advice or turning any dull moment into glitter, she remains as my main source of wisdom, guidance, and love. I HIGHLY recommend working with this woman because I am sure she will change your life too.
— Amanda Sengvanhpheng
Jasmine came into my life when I unknowingly needed her the most. She is my spiritual therapist and guide. With her guidance and support, I’ve been able to unharden my heart and break emotional patterns which no longer serve my higher self. I will forever be great-full to have her in my this life and others. Thank You
— Natalia Santana
I was going through an incredibly difficult period in my life when I met Jasmine (BBMagda). I was struggling with self doubt, lack of clarity around my purpose, and a general lack of confidence to go forth in what I wanted to do. My reading with her changed all of this. I had never had an oracle reading, or met with anyone who could connect with my guides and I was filled with the strongest sense of love and peace throughout the reading. It was so relevant, and spot on. I was given the advice I needed to trust my gut and go forth into my purpose with confidence ad was able to hear directly from my guides. I cannot recommend her enough. If you need clarity, direction, confidence around a subject, or simply want to see yourself in the bigger picture of the universe, do yourself a favor and set up a reading now!
— Ariel
Jasmine has an intuitive magic that she brings to everything she does. She also has a reverence for beauty in all aesthetic, functional, medicinal, and therapeutic iterations. Working with her is like a dream you can remember & incorporate.
— Gabriel Jesiolowski

Session & Appointment Details

Sessions with BBMAGDA are a process of connecting to Source Energy for the purposes of healing, expanded awareness, self-empowerment, clarity, activation of one's consciousness, or even a deepening into one's own practice. I also connect with higher/future selves,  ascended masters, angels, guides, ancestors, extra terrestrials, fairies, and other forms of multi-dimensional energies. My specialty is healing healers. My sessions may include the assistance of divination tools such as personal objects brought in by clients, tarot, oracle cards, crystals, aromatherapy, and reiki. 


I am a psychic medium and have multiple ways of connecting to energetic frequencies. In a session I mostly channel. What this means is that I open myself up to not only hear communication from your guides and other energies that are coming through for your highest good, but I also allow myself to be used as a channel for communication. This means my voice may change, my posture may change, the way my hands move may change, etc.

When we are doing a reading, you also may experience a shift in energetic frequency. You may experience the room getting hotter or temporary shifts in your vision for example. This is because in order to provide these services, not only must I operate at a higher vibrational frequency, but your energy will raise to meet me there. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have surges or waves of intense emotions during and especially after your session. This is perfectly normal and welcomed. 


Come as you are. Have an open mind and an open heart. Some of the things that come up may be strange or unusual if you are not familiar with this type of work. It is up to you how open and expansive you want to be. The more open you are, the more room we have to uncover and explore. 

As mentioned, we are operating at a higher frequency. When our session comes to a close it is going to take your body some time to adjust back to its normal state of operating. It is VERY important that you are gentle and tender with yourself. A lot may have come up and may continue to do so after (e.g. huge emotional bursts). Your body has to come down from this high frequency place and may take a while to do so. It is important to drink lots of water and eat nutritious foods to nourish your body as it comes back to homeostasis. It is my professional opinion not to drink alcohol right after your session. It is up to your discretion whether you would like to surround yourself with people immediately after a session. Some people find it overwhelming to be around different energies right away. 

Your body will experience an energetic shift for about 21 - 24 days after a session. Tenderness, gentleness, compassion, and nourishment are very important to your body and mind during this time. 

MAGDA’s insight was exactly what I was looking for at that exact moment. Her insight, abilities and gifts are truly unique. I’ve seen a handful of psychics & mediums over the years, but MAGDA is something very special. She was able to tap into who I am as a person, my own abilities and clocked exactly what I always knew i needed to do to continue my path. I wish i would have booked a longer reading! If you’re looking for an incredibly thoughtful reading, know that Jasmine will give you one.
— Aaron Bear


If you are in the Seattle area an IN PERSON appointment is available. I hold session in the beautiful Wallingford neighborhood area of Seattle.  Otherwise, appointments are done over Skype, Gchat/Voice, Zoom, mobile calls. Email is also available.

45 MIN $150         

60 MIN $190   

75 MIN $220            

90 MIN $250

3 - 60 min sessions $455

5 - 60 min sessions $665

For packaged sessions, this can be booked out weekly, biweekly, or month to month. Packages can not be split up for multiple parties. Payment options for packaged sessions available. Email or go to the STAY WOKE page and scroll down to CONTACT if you would like further information.            

I like to reserve the first 15 minutes of a session for the opportunity to talk & connect before your appointment and to answer any questions you may have. The scheduling service I use has these times already worked into your appointment. You will not be charged for this time.  

Choose date/time that works best for you. To complete and solidify your appointment please use one of these payment services:

Squarepay:   CASH.ME/$BBMAGDA

Your payment is due before your appointment. You will receive a confirmation email once payment has been received.

Thank You So Very Much! Looking forward to working with you! Blessings -BBMAGDA

Client Agreement & Terms of Service

Your registration and/or purchase of a session acts as your contractual agreement with and understanding of the following:

You have free will and the ability to alter your path, as do others who may show up in your reading. Therefore, it is important to understand that predictive elements of a reading are based on the energies present at time of reading. I relay what I receive from Spirit, Source, you’re guides, angels, etc. But ultimately, you are the one who determines your path.

Psychic readings are not intended or recommended as substitutes for legal, medical, financial, or other professional assistance. The information provided during our session is for spiritual growth and development.

The booking system automatically detects your time zone based on your ISP/Server, please ensure you review time zone to ensure it is accurate prior to submitting your appointment request.

Advance payment is required to reserve your READING.

Reschedules are always welcome as life does happen on both ends and we want to ensure optimal presence by both parties.

Individual Readings are refundable provided 72 hours advance notice is given. Should you decide to cancel and would like a refund versus a reschedule, please make note of refund request on your cancellation notice.

Advance payment or payment plan arrangement with payment in full prior to your SESSION is require. These services are non-refundable.


Your session begins on time so please be prompt. I often have clients booked with only a small window for clearing the energies in between sessions. If you are late, please expect that your session will still end as scheduled.

Life happens, for both of us! I am happy to work with you to reschedule as long as you let me know PRIOR to your session start time. The sooner the better, of course, as it frees up time for another client. At times, I may need to reschedule. Please make sure you have included your phone number so that I can reach you in the event this is necessary. Working with Spirit requires that my energy is optimal for your session. If this occurs, please know that it is because I am committed to providing you a clear connection.

Missed appointments without any advance communication are deemed as “No Shows” and are not eligible for reschedule or refund. Exceptions may be made in case of emergency only.

Your privacy is assured. Financial information is never stored or shared. We do not sell, rent or trade your contact details.

Your email address will be used confidentially to provide occasional updates, special offers, etc. However, you may unsubscribe at any time.




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